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The Multiple Ticket In Keno

With Keno, you are able to play just one game or up to five. Everything depends upon the ticket you select or just how much you’d like to wager. There’s also different pay-outs in Keno depending on how you choose to play. In a one ticket strategy, you always wish to play ten numbers. In […]

Spread your roulette bets to take a profit

You will very rarely see the scenes that occur in films and television in real life. That’s when the hero does the possible, averts a train wreck, saves the heroine or hits the winning number on roulette six times on the trot and has to be paid out with a suitcase full of money. These […]

Money Management

The first rule on gambling is good money management. Avoid any teasers, parlays or other related bad bets and focus yourself on one type of bet. These types of bad bets are offered at the top online casino sports books but they increase the chance of the betting services to win and decreases yours. Whether […]