Spreading your bets at online Craps

Anyone who has ever spent some time watching a craps game in progress at a land casino will more than likely walked away after a while understanding not much more about the game than when they arrived. Every casino table game has its own characteristics and these characteristics attract different types of players. Craps seems to be a game that attracts aggressive players. There is usually a lot of noise going on around the craps tables as players try to get as many bets placed as they can, while the dealers or stickmen as they are known in craps language press the dealer to shoot the dice as fast as they can.

To the casual observer you would think that the dealers would want the players to place as many bets as they can, while they appear to do the opposite.  Understanding why stickmen have been ordered to speed up the pace at a land casino is the key on how to improve your chances of winning at craps in an online casino.

The reason for dealer pressure is that the more bets that a player can put down before each throw of the dice the better the chance they have of making a profit out of each throw. That doesn’t mean betting more money on your favorite lucky numbers, more of spreading your bets as much as possible and logical.

It is important to understand that craps offers some of the lowest house edge bets than any casino table game. These are bets on the “ pass line” the “  don't pass line”, the “come bet”  and the “don't come bet” which all  have a particularly low house edge, sometimes even less than even money.

Spreading bets or hedging them as it could be described is a smart betting system that an online craps player can adapt to the house edge. Spreading or hedging is to place certain bets that will cover if another bet loses, there might still be a profit or at least losses will be minimalized, That’s why craps players like the odds on to  even money bets mentioned above.

After that it’s down to how many bets you want to place and in an online setting you have all the time in the world to decide and a number of combinations to bet on, some of them offering odds as high as 33-1.

When it comes to the bit, the shooter is betting that the point they have to make will come up before the seven. Even then it’s possible to take out a form of insurance bet against the seven, called the “odds bet”. While it covers any bets on making the point only, it doesn’t cover the rest of the table bets. That’s why a lot of players who have made a profit on their spread before the point are made begin to gradually reduce their bets till the next shooter comes out.

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