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Spread betting

Spread betting is a type of betting on an outcome of an event, where the payout is based on the accuracy of the wager and not on a simple win or lose outcome. By the word spread we mean a range of outcomes, and the bet is whether the outcome will be below or above […]

Football Betting

Gambling is a way of life nowadays. More people each day take part in this exciting game of luck and art. Each game has its own odds and everyone can take its chance to take in advantage and turn the odds in favor to win the game and make profit. Let’s talk about football betting. […]

Asian Handicap – Football Betting

Asian handicap betting is a variation of fixed odds that is popular in the Far East and now has taken over the markets in the UK and Europe. Asian Handicaps give you the chance to bet on a match where the teams were mismatched and also eliminates the chance of draw increasing the chances for […]

The History of sports betting on the iPhone

2011 is the year to mark a new age for mobile gambling whether this is poker, sports books or online casinos. The influence of technology and the growth of online gaming and gambling affect millions of peoples around the globe. The first software for online play was produced in 1994 from Microgaming. This company now […]

Know your bookmaker for sports betting

Before you start to bet online it is best to make a research and find the suitable bookmaker for you. We offer some hints so you can take in advantage in your research and find the best possible bookmaker for your live sports betting experience. 1. Reliability Is it a famous bookmaker? It is better […]