Poker and body language

In this article we will have a look at some physical reactions of players that give out information if you carefully notice them. The body language of amateur players can give out their status but more experienced players may give false tells so beware of these tips and to use them wisely against the other players.


1. Eye contact

Many professional players are wearing caps and sunglasses when playing. This is because we know that eyes tell everything. Many players for example when they have a good hand they want to stare at it all the time. Also poker is a psychological game. For example one player starts the questions to the opponent the same time when he is looking in his eyes. You know that people are rarely dishonest when looking someone in the eyes because the eyes cannot lie.


2. Facial Expression

Anxiety can cause tics and other nervous moves of the face. From this you can tell if a player has a good hand or not.


3. Acting

Many players are acting like they are weak and say phrases like: ‘I will lose’ etc. This is acting. It is to make you call their hand. Probably they have a good hand.


4. Anxiety

Anxiety can cause hand trembling, sweating and other characteristics. It is better to play with your chips and look more comfortable.


5. Posture

Many players have a different posture when they have a low or a high card. Confidence plays its role in the posture and the way someone sits on the table. So have a look at the other players on the way they react or how they sit every time they lose or win a hand.


6. Chips

Aggressive players that take chances and who like bluffing will have an unorganized chip stack. The more conservative players will keep them clean and organized by chip color.


The next time you play Poker try to remember these tips and have a look at your opponents.


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