All in Tips

All-in is a strategy used nowadays in the popular no-limit Texas holdem poker. When you go all-in it means that you put all your chips into the pot on the hand you have at that time. This is a move that can mean the loss of all your bankroll or the winning of a large stake. This is why all-in is a strategy in poker. Just follow few of our tips that will help you decide if it is the right time to go all-in.

Don’t wait only when you got a hand. Sometimes is better to bluff. If you risk only when you got a hand then your game will become very predictable and finally your opponents will fold to your all-in.

If you are in the top chip leaders of the table you can scare your opponents. An opponent with a low number of chips will be less likely to risk so it will 80% fold on your all-ins.

Do not go all-in when you don’t have anything. Make sure that you have at least something like low pairs etc.

If you have a small stack of chips by going all-in it is likely that someone with a bigger stack to call you.

If you have small stack of chips use the all-in technique when you have one of the best cards.

If you are low on chips the blinds will probably drain you off. In this case find a good starting hand and make an all-in before the three cards are shown.

If someone goes all-in against you think the above tips. In case if he has a low stack of chips wonder yourself why did he go all in or if he has a lot of chips think the case of him bluffing you.

By taking into consideration these tips you can slowly make yourself a better player with correct judgment.


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