What are the top online casinos games?

Not surprisingly, the top online casinos games are those which are also typically popular in live casinos. Card games, dice games, slot machines, and roulette are among the vast majority. It would seem that games of pure chance, involving little or no skill, such as slot machines, would be less popular than games in which the players has some control. However, since these sites are regulated, the randomness of each game should be guaranteed. In a nutshell, people have faith in the fairness of random number generation, and therefore, these online casinos games remain as popular as ever.


Two of the most popular card online casinos games are Poker and Blackjack. Poker has several variations, the most common being Texas Hold 'Em, Five Card Draw, and Seven Card Stud. Poker has a been favorite in live casinos, taverns, and in tournaments for hundreds of years, so its no surprise that it would continue its reign online as one of the most beloved card games, ever. Due to its complex strategies of betting and bluffing, Poker is not likely to be outdone by any other online casinos games, anytime soon.

Blackjack is another staple of the casino world. Also known as “Twenty-One”, Blackjack has a long and interesting history. One of the reasons why Blackjack remains so popular, is because it is a relatively easy game to learn. While winning at Blackjack does involve quite a bit of skill and strategy, learning the basic rules of Blackjack is not difficult, even for young adults or the mentally-challenged. Those who learn the game can get started right away.


Finally, roulette still remains one of the most played online casinos games. Like Blackjack, Roulette has a long history and is a favorite of high-rollers. Some players even prefer online Roulette to live roulette wheels, due to the true randomness of outcomes. Physical wheels are notoriously affected by wear and tear, and therefore, can skew the outcome of a bounce due to imperfections in its structure. This isn't the case with online roulette, and those sites which are closely regulated by government agencies can pretty much guarantee a fair bounce, due to perfectly-tuned random number generation.


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