Spread your roulette bets to take a profit

You will very rarely see the scenes that occur in films and television in real life. That's when the hero does the possible, averts a train wreck, saves the heroine or hits the winning number on roulette six times on the trot and has to be paid out with a suitcase full of money.

These things don't happen in real life, but that doesn't mean that a roulette player who knows how to spread their bets can win a regular profit, although the chances of reaching the "suitcase full" level will still remain pretty slim.

Playing roulette in any setting is all about getting your bets down in time, and anyone who has ever played in a land casino will tell you that that is not an easy task, however for online roulette followers here is a guide to the best bets you will find on the table and how much they pay.

Inside Bets are the more popular for experienced players; these include placing a bet on a single number, as well as around that number. Players who know how to place these kinds of bets will work their system so that the odds decrease as the circle widens. They might bet a single chip on the number, two chips on the line between the four numbers surrounding their " lucky" number and three chips on the corners where the four numbers converge, This kind of bet if it pays out can pay out a lot, and players may repeat this bet three or four times across the table in each spin. That means laying out a lot of money to win relatively little, but this form of " hedging" can be pretty effective in the long term if luck and the law of averages is running in the players favour.

Outside Bets fall into almost exactly the same category, and describe where a player bets on a whole row of numbers, either to the length or the width of the table where the odds can be as low as 2-1. A player betting on black or red or odd and even number or one the first eighteen numbers against the second eighteen are betting on the outside, and only get paid out even money on a winning bet

Betting on a line is a popular bet for players who like to take the middle road. These bets are placed on the border between two rows, and cover the six numbers in the two rows of three with payouts of 5 to 1.

Placing a street bet describes placing a bet on the outer border of a row of three numbers, and brings a payout of 11 to 1.

It goes without saying that a player can place a variety of these bets and spread their risk even lower. In a land casino setting, the chances of getting even half of these bets down on time would be very low, while in an online casino setting you have all the time in the World. Not very glamorous, but effective.

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