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Learning To Play Texas Holdem

This short article contains all of the Texas hold’em guidelines that you would need to learn about the entire game and then start playing it. So, if you wish to learn how to play Holdem, read this short article now. Learning Holdem is virtually like learning a brand new language. You will find jargon you […]

All in Tips

All-in is a strategy used nowadays in the popular no-limit Texas holdem poker. When you go all-in it means that you put all your chips into the pot on the hand you have at that time. This is a move that can mean the loss of all your bankroll or the winning of a large […]

Poker and body language

In this article we will have a look at some physical reactions of players that give out information if you carefully notice them. The body language of amateur players can give out their status but more experienced players may give false tells so beware of these tips and to use them wisely against the other […]

BCLC joins Canadian Poker Network

Canadian Poker Network launched the first regulated poker network in North America. Players in British Columbia can play at the same tables as players in Quebec. The Canadian Poker Network features high standard poker software. It can handle over 10.000 players and the system was tested thoroughly. Eight poker variants from Texas Hold’em to Canadian […]